Huichol Geometric Necklace tutorial

The necklace measures approximately 18 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width, expanding to 5.1 inches at its widest area, including the fringe. This size makes it a striking statement piece, yet it’s designed for comfortable wear. The use of beads in the creation of this necklace not only adds to its beauty but also pays homage to a centuries-old craft deeply rooted in Mexican culture.

Things to know before you start

  • This necklace is made with a technique called netting.
  • Use size 10 Czech seed beads (approximately 25 gr of each color).
  • Remember you want this necklace to flow in your neck so you must not use too much tension when weaving it.
  • It’s done with one needle, except for the very first row in which I will use 2.
  • The first row will be in the middle of the necklace, the longest fringe is there.
  • I use C-Lon size d, and tulip needle size 13,  but any beading needle d and beading thread will do, 

I’m more of a visual learner so it’s always easier for me to show than to explain. 

the fringe decreases each time by one bead of each color, the longest one starts at 14 for each color.

Also, notice the top golden bead and the last 3 golden beads at the end of the loop, this will repeat each time.

For the next few steps will be using 2 needles.

Add 5beads on each side then go through the 6th bead with both Needles 

Repeat the step following the color pattern.

Notice the 5th loop only has 4 beads on each color, and this time the 2 needles are going through 2 beads instead of one.

This time we are adding 3 beads at a time on each side. 

The red bead is a stop bead, to keep one side from getting loose, just go 2 times into the same bead.

this is the very top of our row

From now on we will only work with one needle. 

Add 3 white beads

Make a loop with the top bead then go back through the first 2 beads.

Add 3 brown beads and go into the middle bead of your top loop from the last row

Add 3 golden beads and go back into the middle bead of the golden side. (Left)

This time you will add 4 golden beads, and go into the second bead, it’s also the first white bead. (right)

We are back at doing 5 bead loops, add 5 white beads, and go into the middle of your golden loop.

Repeat the step but change the bead colors as shown. 

We are now going to make the 2nd fringe, adding 3 golden beads, 13 white, 13 brown, and 16 gold.

Then make a 3-bead loop go back into the 13th gold bead, and go all the way up to the white + one gold bead, this means you are not going to go through the very last 2 golden beads 

This time we are going up, the next 4 loops are made with 5 beads:

first, 5 gold,

then 5 brown,

5 Brown,

and 5 withe

The next loop is only 4 beads, 3 white and one gold, also this time is when we go through 2 beads instead of one.

Add 3 gold beads and go into the middle bead of the gold and brown loop. 

Add 3 more gold beads and go into the middle brown bead.

We have reached the top of the row, add 3 white beads, and go back into the first 2.

Now it is time to start going down again.

So basically we repeat the same steps each time, it’s very easy to remember the pattern,   all you need to do is look at the last loop to see what you did and do it again. The only thing that changes are the colors to create the pattern, but soon it will also start repeating itself

Add 3 white beads

Add 3 gold beads

This is the 4 beads loop

We are starting the 5-bead section (next 4).    Add 5 white beads

Add 5 brown Beads 

Add 5 brown beads

Add 2 brown 3 gold beads

For the fringe, add 3 gold beads then: 12 white, 12 brown, and 15 gold, again skiping 3 beads go back up almot all the way, stop at the last 2 golden beads.

We are now going back up, add 5 gold beads, (shown on the left.)

Then add: 5 brown x3 (Right)

It’s time now to do the 4 beads loop, and don’t forget to go through 2 beads.

Then add 3 gold beads.

We have reached now the top of the row, add 3 more white beads, and then the top 3 beads. 

Skip one bead and go back through the first two, memorize this step it will be done each time you reach the top. In the same photo,(right) you can see the next step, add 3 white beads and start going back down.

Add 3 more white beads, then 4 gold beads, and continue down until you reach the fringe section, 

The picture on the right shows you the color patern.

For the fringe this time we will add:                                  3 gold beads, 11 White and 14 gold, skip 3 beads, and go back up to the top except for the very two first golden beads.  Then Start going back to the top. The color pattern is on the right.

Now add 4 gold beads, don’t forget to go through 2 beads, add one gold and 2 brown, add 3 white beads, and you’ve reached the top add the last 3 beads, skip one, and go back through the first two, you are now ready to go down again.

Add 3 white beads, then 3 brown, Look at the picture on the left for reference.

Next is the 4-bead loop, go through 2 beads and keep going down. 5 gold, 5 brown x2 and the last one before the fringe 2brown 3 gold.

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