God’s Eye Gray & Dark Pink


This bracelet was made with a very traditional pattern that symbolizes knowledge and understanding.
This bracelet made with gray and pink has a lot of symbolism, pink is a color very often related to femeninity but is also a color that represents courage and valor and gray represents wisdom intellect.
Approximately 6.5 ” long and 1.75″ wide.
For size or color customization on this piece, please contact us here before placing an order.

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The eye of god is one of the most powerful symbols for the Huichol people, brings protection to the home and family, is also a symbol of knowledge and understanding of all things surrounding us, the thighs we see and also the unseen. To receive an eye of god as a gift or present, is to receive the blessing of the heavens, a very powerful energy that will protect you and your home.
Also having one in your home will bring protection and circulation of good energies all around, this is why the eye of god is one of my favorite patterns.

The colors also have a lot of meaning in this bracelet, blue represents freedom, open spaces and sensitivity, gray is the color of wisdom, knowledge and intellect, pink is a balance between white and red, purity and fire mix together, it represents courage and spirituality; add few rows of white beads, adding the purity of heart and intentions, and a dash of gold brings wealth and prosperity.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 in


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